Untapping your full potential, one story at a time.

Every small business and nonprofit has a personal story to share, that’s why customers and donors choose you.

Let’s start shaping and sharing that story today so you don’t leave any of your growth potential untapped!



Untapped Communications is a bespoke communications consultancy designed to help small businesses, nonprofits, and women-owned businesses thrive. Powered by decades of story-telling, journalism, and message crafting, the sky is the limit for you when we work together.



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Audio has a special and intimate way of connecting with people. Let’s start a podcast today and share your story with a larger audience. Perfect for nonprofits and online stores, including makers.


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The best way to get coverage for your business or nonprofit through TV, print, podcasts or magazines is to work with someone who can help you frame your story and pitch to the right media outlet.


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Every business and nonprofit has a unique story and voice. Let’s figure that out together so we can thread it through your website, social media or any front facing part of your business or nonprofit.


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Training to help you understand how media works, how to talk to media, how to craft your story and pitch it to grow your business or nonprofit. Once you know your story and you value, you can go anywhere!

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About Untapped Communications

Hi, I’m Edel Howlin and I founded Untapped Communications because I want to help you thrive. I’ve worked in for profit companies, nonprofits, and radio journalism for nearly two decades.

My journalism experience has taught me how to craft a good story and help you share that story with the largest audience possible. I’ve interviewed many storytellers and shared their stories locally, nationally and internationally, let me do the same for you!

Email: edelhowlin @ untaptcomms.com
Call: (484) 278-1420

Once you know your story and your value,

you go anywhere.

Untapped Communications is a public relations, podcasting, and messaging communications consultancy that helps businesses and nonprofits find their voice and share their story.